My trip into the Palisades in the California Sierra involved a very BIG day of almost none stop movement.  Sometimes you plan these days out well in advance, sometimes it’s a spur of the moment trip.   As we packed, I grabbed some easy win trail snacks. 

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It’s noon and I’m standing at 12,999 feet…which means my head is above 13,000 ft. I’ve just rock climbed to the top of a huge granite spire called Temple Crag in the Palisade Basin of the Sierra Nevada.   I’m feeling really good.   My partner and I had awakened at 3:30 am to start today’s adventure. We blasted the 6+ mile approach in 2 hours, 15 minutes.

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So how does caffeine affect us and how do we use it to improve energy and performance?

It best helps your performance when you DON’T use it all the time. Take note that I didn’t say that you never use it.  But I am going to talk about cutting back and using caffeine strategically. Why should you reduce your caffeine intake? It has to do with how stimulants affect the body and our energy level.

Let’s explore the effects of caffeine and how to use it to your advantage.

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Home Made Sports Drinks

Homemade sports drinks are easy to make, cheap, and infinitely better for you than the store-bought options. Not only can you avoid the added high fructose corn syrup, but also the chemical flavorings, color additives and other lab-based substances. You can also make nutrient dense sports drinks to fit your needs and taste.

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