How to choose between a WFA & WFR


The WFA is a two day wilderness first aid course. At baseline this course teaches you everything you would expect out of a basic CPR and first aid class while also expanding in to other common medical, trauma and environmental based injuries.  All of this is accomplished with a wilderness based twist* to providing care.  This 2 day course format allows for a lot more hands on practice and discussion of how to apply the training than a typical one day CPR & First aid class.

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Mt. Huntington to Mt Stanford N Grade III class III

This was an amazing girls weekend with two good friends in July. We headed in for a couple of nights at Hilton Lakes out of Rock Creek (Sierra NV). We had our eyes on Mt. Huntington with an option to add Mt. Stanford.  There was limited details on the route except what was listed above and a vague description of a few access options (mostly from pioneer basin on the west). Ultimately it ended up being a bit of a bigger day than we had anticipated but also more awesome than expected.

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