After years of working with clients I realized that everyone first benefits from the same core nutritional support. In fact just learning and implementing the lessons often gets people 80-90% of the health gains they are looking for.  Even better, supporting foundational gut health involves simple shifts that create powerful and sustainable results.

The Gut-Z Challenge empowers you with tools for making healthy decisions daily. You get to focus on the challenges that are right for you. Empowering new habits- that are actually sustainable. 

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Feb 3-16 2024

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This 2 WEEK challenge will bring AWARENESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, and FUN around practical and simple health decisions every day.  My goal is to educate and provide actionable tools to take your health to the next level. This challenge only happens a few times a year, I hope you will join me.  

Learn more in the video:


The last challenge was a BIG success. Here’s what people had to say:

“I LOVED this idea, it has kept me accountable and forced me to make time for other things.”

“Thanks for the help bringing a little more awareness to my habits. It’s good to step back and actually see how I spend my time and what I put in my body. “

“The spreadsheet makes it easy to see where I am falling short of the goal, and where I am strong!”

“Thanks for putting this together! it was fun to have daily goals.”

“It’s been really useful to help me build general awareness around things…”

“It would be great to have an option to do it for 3 weeks. Thanks for doing this! Fun.”


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