How to Climb Mount Whitney


 The training, nutrition, gear, and safety know-how to have a successful trip on the mountain. 

This course will get you ready, make you strong, and keep you safe on your hike or climb up Mount Whitney. Have you felt the call of the mountains but something has held you back? Maybe it’s a little extra weight, needing to upgrade your 1980s hiking gear, or worrying that you just don’t know what ‘climbing mountains’ even entails. Don’t worry – I was once there too, and believe me, there was SO much I didn’t know, including stuff I didn’t even realize I didn’t know! Thankfully I became obsessed and spent the better part of 2 decades honing my backcountry skills, equipment, nutrition, and training. Now I’m taking all those hard-earned gems of wisdom and making them available for you all in one place. This course will save time, energy, and money; not to mention guaranteeing a better trip up Mt. Whitney.

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What this course offers you:

This course contains the following 6 Modules available for you to review and use at your own pace. 

Each module includes reference handouts and videos. Take a peek at what each module will teach you.

Trip Overview

This section will help fill in the blanks on any of the big-picture logistics you have been wondering about. Expect to have a solid knowledge of route options, ranging from the standard hiking route to technical rock climbs, and how to work on getting a permit. You can get all the details on what trail options, lengths, and difficulties you can choose from. This also includes a review of mountain classifications for the difficulty and technicality of terrain. Expect to leave this module feeling like an expert on how to coordinate a trip up Mt. Whitney. You will be the official resource for all your friends.


Climbing mountains is hard work no matter what, but if you follow some of the simple and effective training recommendations in this section you will be able to start your trip with confidence. This module gives you a template for strength and endurance training, nutrition, and hydration. The training program outline has the potential to get you in the best shape of your life. Don’t worry, you can still maintain a job and get ‘mountain fit’ 🙂


Let’s get you moving on steep mountain trails like a boss! This module will give you simple and actionable technique tips to help you move as well as any professional mountain athlete. Good technique makes you faster, conserves energy, and makes the trip more enjoyable. Topics include pace, breathing techniques, footwork, creek crossings, and a bit on 2-4th class terrain.


Make packing and gear choices fast and easy. This section will break this critical step down into an easy list and tutorials so you can feel empowered to make the right choices. It includes a detailed packing list, guidelines for creating a first aid kit that is light but comprehensive, and some important gear recommendations. The best part is that being prepared doesn’t have to weigh a ton.

Risk Management

This section is all about approaching risk management and danger methodically so that you can feel confident and safer in the mountains. Learn how to avoid unnecessary dangers and mitigate and manage your risk. This module includes information on mindset, altitude illness, navigation, weather challenges, and a safety plan for your trip. Leave this section feeling grounded and confident after having your worries addressed.

Post Summit

This module is designed to help you make the most of your experience and the lessons learned. The goal is to get you feeling prepared to take on more mountains.


This course is a truly comprehensive guide to get you from dreaming of mountains to standing on top of them. This is your year – get after it. The mountains are calling! 

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All smiles after blasting the East Buttress of Mt. Whitney – a rock climbing route to the summit.

hurry-this course wont stay this price for long!

How to Climb Mt. Whitney- introductory rate!

Get the Course for $99