Mountain Fitness Training

Strength and endurance are the backbones of mountain adventures, backpacking trips, and long-term health.

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Gut-Z Journey has partnered with Vertical Ascents to bring you the most cutting-edge mountain fitness training and nutrition programs. We know the incredible importance of strength training for athletes and have combined forces to create powerful coaching.

Why pick up Mountain Fitness Training?

We often associate being outside with passion, not training or programs. We limit ourselves to using ‘life’ as training, assuming that just doing more of what we love will make us better at it. This quickly stops working. We have two limiting factors — time, and our overall capacity.

Most of us do not have the luxury of unlimited time to climb or hike. This means our fitness capacity will only ever adapt to exactly what we carve out time for, never more. This can often leave us on a performance plateau, and easily injured if we overstep.

At that point, the biggest impact we can make on our fitness is to get focused on strength and endurance training. This also helps us break out of the time barrier.

Mountain Fitness Training

“The most time-efficient impact we can make on our mountain fitness capacity is strength and endurance training”

The Types of Programs

Mountain Strength Boot Camp

Gain the foundations for training through a boot camp. It s both training and education for the self-starter.


  • Barbell and weight training (must have access to equipment/gym)
  • Focus on learning the foundations of strength training
  • How to build aerobic capacity
  • Workouts 2–3 days a week for 1-2 hours

This program is good for those wanting to understand the fundamentals of strength & endurance training for mountain pursuits.


  • $449 for 6 weeks




training for mountaineering

How do We Coach You?

The goals are to:

  • Elevate your overall capacity
  • Enhance your structural resilience

Time is valuable. Every single component of our program has a purpose and a progression. It cuts out the junk when training and works with your limitations to develop a sustainable plan. You’ll be on a systematic path to meeting your objectives. There are two types of training we’ll apply.

Sport-Supportive Training

Any training that adds to your sport, such as strength training, plyometrics, or isometrics. This prepares you to handle the increase in sport-specific training.

Sport-Specific Training

Any training that mimics your objective, such as running, skiing, or climbing moves and loads.

Why Sport-Supportive Training Works so Well

In the mountains, our physical performance is limited by either our aerobic circulatory system, or by the impact on our musculoskeletal system. We either can’t supply and utilize oxygen fast enough, or our knees, hips, and spine begin to suffer due to a lack of structural capacity.

Chronically overstepping our structural capacity leads to injury. We either need to reduce the training volume or increase the capacity of the tissue. It’s simple.

mountain climbing training

“Sport-supportive training increases our performance ceiling, reduces injuries, and allows us to train more effectively.”

What to Expect From Your Mountain Fitness Program

The App Interface

Your coaching takes place through the user-friendly online interface, Truecoach. You can check out up-and-coming programming, chat with me (your coach), upload videos, and receive movement feedback after each session.

Remote training gives you all the high-quality interaction of a coach at your fingertips and on your schedule. It even does so at a lower cost. The feedback allows us to collaborate and adjust your program based on your experience and limitations.


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Natalie’s Credentials

Here is what our partners at Vertical Ascents have to say about Natalie

“Natalie has two decades of experience working as an outdoor professional, specializing in alpine climbing, mountain guiding, nutrition, and exercise physiology.

She received a B.A. from U.C. Santa Barbara, where she researched fat distribution in the female body and nutrition, graduating with top honors in Physical Anthropology, Exercise Health Science, and Personal Training.

Natalie’s a powerhouse – a versatile athlete, with extensive physical and skill-based cross-training in multiple sports. She enjoys fast alpine climbing with a focus on long and technical, less traveled routes in the mountains. She has climbed and explored all 7 continents, practiced as a gymnast for 11 years, and also holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

Natalie specializes in strength training, alpine climbing-specific training, endurance programming, nutritional assessments, and planning.”

Natalie Brechtel

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