Every cell of our body depends on nutrients to provide the building blocks for our system to function and perform. When you improve your digestion and absorption with mountain nutrition, everything else improves.

Functional Nutrition Courses

Gut-Z Reset- A Health Challenge for the Active $99

UPCOMING: Oct 7-20, 2023 & Feb 3-16, 2024

We have created the special Gut-Z Reset Course to help demystify how to maximize nutrition and gut health for your needs.

After seeing so many clients struggling with gut, skin, hormone & energy problems I discovered a pattern. Every client needed to better support their basic digestion, minerals and stress.  This can be done with simple and sustainable changes. Often times a reset, or cleanse is the fastest way to narrow down on the best individual blue print towards reducing symptoms.

Improving gut health and the microbiome

Clarify food intolerances

Optimize your nutrition & digestion

Get more stable energy on the trail

Understand hydration

Improve recovery

Define fad diets (keto, paleo, fasting, etc)

INCLUDES: Video & Email Support

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This runs in conjunction with Gut-Z Challenge, and includes personalized support

FREE Gut-Z Challenge

UPCOMING: Oct 7-20, 2023 & Feb 3-16, 2024

Not ready to commit to the course?  You can join the FREE version of the challenge and see how it works.

This option gives you all the information you need to join the basic challenge. It’s guaranteed to bring AWARENESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, and FUN around practical and simple health decisions every day.

Our goal is to educate and provide actionable tools to take your health to the next level.

This challenge only happens a few times a year, we hope you will join us!


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Sign up for a fun group challenge with friends. All materials will be sent via email. 


 Why join a course?

After years of working with clients, I realized that everyone first benefits from the same core nutritional support. In fact, just learning and implementing the lessons often gets people 80-90% of the health gains they are looking for. Even better, supporting foundational gut health involves simple shifts that create powerful and sustainable results.

If you are interested in

fun, flexible, practical & sustainable health choices, then join me!


What is Functional Mountain Nutritional?

As functional nutritional therapists, we are interested in assessing your whole health picture. You can expect to dive deep into your eating habits, digestion, stress, lifestyle factors, and health history. You can expect to de-mystify your specific nutrition and health needs.

The goal is to empower you with daily choices that optimize feeling good, performing better, and thriving in long-term health.


Your current eating & digestion — and how to improve it

Macro and micro nutrients — how to balance

Holistic Health — How rest, stress & activity can help or harm

assessing nutrition

Our Nutrition Philosophy

We work from the foundation of gut health and microbiome to make sure that your body can utilize nutrients and perform optimally. This is a bottom-up approach — meaning we start at the foundation of health, rather than getting hyper-focused on one small aspect of nutrition, such as protein intake

Don’t get me wrong, protein is important for athletes but it’s only one part of a much bigger picture. Focusing on just one nutrient or aspect of nutrition in hopes of enhancing performance lacks depth and is a top-down approach.

A healthy balance of both bottom-up and top-down support gets people the most sustainable results.


Natalie’s Credentials of a Functional Nutritional Therapist

Natalie began studying nutrition during her undergraduate degree. This ultimately led to her dissertation and research on essential fatty acids and female health. In the years after graduation Natalie was an Assistant Instructor for Nutrition at UCSB.

Seeking a deeper understanding of digestion and the impacts of the microbiome, Natalie went back to school in 2017, earning a certificate as a Functional Nutritional Therapist. This schooling helped her finally understand how nutrition and gut are intrinsically connected to every aspect of overall health and performance as a mountain athlete.

Natalie shares her knowledge through group clinics and health challenges. She has worked with countless athletes and individuals to improve performance in the mountains and other extreme environments, such as Antarctica and Alaska’s North Slope.

Natalie Brechtel

What Students Say

"Thanks, heaps Natalie for your wisdom and motivation to take my health into my own hands. I really do feel 10x better."


"The program has had a very positive impact. I’ve made lifestyle changes that have reduced my weight and kept it off. I was amazed by the number of food products that contain sugar, and as such, I’m much more vigilant now. My doctor is very happy with the outcome and so am I. Thank you!"


As a career academic-I've served as, and worked with, a lot of educators - Natalie clearly has a gift for mentoring and educating.


The way Natalie does nutritional consulting is the only way I'd ever want it done for me. Looking at the detailed log of my diet, then meeting with me to explain and guide, was extraordinary. I adjusted my fasting habits and changed the macro composition of the meals I eat. As a result, the body calmed down, started to heal faster, and built muscle easier. Thank you!!!!

Branko Kral

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