Every cell in our body is built from – and runs upon – nutrients


Sometimes you need a little more personalized attention to reach your goals.  I offer a limited amount of one on one consults for motivated adventurers. This can benefit you when you have a specific health goal.  Goals can include gaining muscle or navigating a health challenge (such as IBS, SIBO, Celiacs, etc) and looking for holistic support.  


My comprehensive nutrition assessments are unlike a traditional medical visit.  As a functional nutritional therapist, I am interested in assessing your WHOLE health picture.  You can expect to dive deep into your eating habits, digestion, stress, lifestyle factors, and health history.   You will have the opportunity to truly talk through your health goals, challenges, and worries.


Let me walk you through the process.


I will ask you to fill out an initial questionnaire to get a holistic big-picture view.  Expect to answer questions about your top health goals and top health challenges.  You will be asked to consider your diet and lifestyle from early childhood through the present.  This is your chance to create dialogue around important issues.  Often this is where you get to finally express the things you haven’t had time for in other kinds of health appointments.


A Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire or NAQ will be sent to you by email.  This is a very detailed and thorough questionnaire to assess the symptoms/ or stress your body is presenting with.  The answering format is simple and functions similarly to a multiple-choice quiz.  The goal is to be as honest as possible.  The NAQ is an invaluable tool for picking up patterns that are often overlooked.




You will need to keep a 3-day Food and Mood Journal.  As the name suggests this journal is meant to be a running record of everything that goes into your mouth.  Meals, snacks, water, sodas, vitamins – all of it.  You will also keep tabs on what is coming out.  Yup – that’s right! I want you to look at your waste product.  A record should also be kept of your energy and mood changes throughout the 3 days.

Phew! Don’t worry! This won’t take as long as you fear.  You can fill out the assessment and questionnaire in about an hour.

Once you finish this homework and submit it, my work begins.  I will review everything you have submitted, making notes and adding additional questions for our first appointment.  Expect this to take an average of 3 days from when you submit the paperwork.




This is our chance to continue the dialogue together. I will have more questions based on your submissions.  You will have a chance to share the things that have come up during the homework and try to refine and clarify your needs and goals.  While I often share some results and recommendations at this time, that isn’t the purpose of this appointment.  It’s after this final dialogue that I can confirm and solidify my nutrition recommendations.


SECOND APPOINTMENT 30-45min by video

At this point, I am finally ready to go over my recommendations for you.  I want to make sure that we have the opportunity to review them together.  Following this appointment, you can expect email reminders and handouts to support your follow-through on the recommendations.  I will also check in by the end of the first month to see how things are working for you.  If you have booked a 3-month health package you can expect this coaching and support to continue over the 3 months.  We will also be sure to run another NAQ to look for improvements.


Signing up for an assessment is a journey.  It will take commitment.  Both at the start, with completing your paperwork, and at the end when it comes to receiving the results.  That’s why you came to me I will help you move from thought to action.   


I promise to help guide you toward the right steps to support your goals.  I believe so strongly that you will be satisfied that I offer a money-back guarantee.  If you don’t feel that what you received was worth every penny, I will refund your money.

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More about Nutrition with Natalie


I’ve had a very powerful relationship with food but not always a very good one.  Despite teaching nutrition at the university level and pursuing research on the effects of fats on female health I made a lot of mistakes with how I was eating. It was not until I went back to school in 2017 and earned my certificate as a Functional Nutritional Therapist to finally understand.  Gut health and nutrition are intrinsically connected to every aspect of my health and performance as an outdoor athlete.


I’ve realized how many mistakes I’ve made and I want to prevent you from doing the same.  Do you:

  • Think hangry (hungry and angry) is a personality trait
  • Bonk easily
  • Have digestive problems
  • Unrestful sleep
  • Can’t seem to grow your hair or nails
  • Premature aging
  • Feel exhausted every afternoon


If any of these ring a bell, we should really talk. Seriously I’m here to mentor you so that you can find your way to the other side of this far quicker than I did.




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5 Week foundational nutrition group class and sugar detox.


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