Peak Bagger I: Gain the skills and confidence to explore backcountry summits

This is the course for anyone who has been dreaming of doing more in the mountains.  You will learn the specific skills needed to venture off-trail and navigate in backcountry terrain.  A large portion of the course is focused on learning about mountain terrain and how to understand difficulty ratings and prepare for navigating yourself safely up and down peaks.  Part of peak bagging is becoming proficient at more technical mountains.  This course will focus on skills needed for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th class terrain.  This will include gaining a basic knowledge of how to protect oneself and retreat.  Ropes and rappel systems will be discussed and practiced.

Prior experience hiking on trails and in mountains is a good idea.  If you haven’t ever been hiking in the backcountry I suggest looking into my How to Climb series and Mountain Training programs.


The objective over 2 days:

Day 1

  • Understanding the Grade and Class systems for your mountain objectives
  • Backcountry Navigation
  • How to navigate 2-4th class terrain
  • Improvising rappel systems

Day 2

  • Practice navigating a single-day alpine summit (2nd, 3rd Class terrain)




Peak Bagger II: Apply the skills

Take the skills you learned in Peakbagger I and put them into real-life practice with an overnight backcountry adventure and scramble.  Test your skills and confidence with my support as your guide and teammate.  This is the perfect melding of adventure and education together.

The objective over 2 days:

  • Navigate to a (2nd,3rd or 4th class) Sierra Summit
  • Participate in cross-country navigation
  • Use Routfinding skills in mountain terrain
  • Work on understanding backcountry weather & Altitude
  • Practice Backcountry Risk management and & decision making
  • Hone backcountry equipment and camping skills
  • Affirm your knowledge and assess your mountain skills
  • Gain confidence and practice

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