Comprehensive Strength Training for Mountains



  • Barbell and weight training (must have access to equipment/gym)Average 3 x week in gym.  1 day a week hiking. Month 1: Foundation of Strength Training- Nail your Form for foundational strength training moves

    – Understanding effort

    – Learning pacing and recovery

    Additional Lessons on: Nutrition and Hydration for Athletes, understanding Motivation styles

    Month 2: Progression and Reset

    –       Learning to read your body and work through plateaus

    –       Adding knee and core stability work

    –       Integrating endurance training

    Additional Lessons on Altitude, Weather, and layering systems, risk management assessment & habit building


    Month 3: Sport Specific

    –       Wrapping up strength training

    –       Final integration of core and balance

    –       Honing in on specific progression for Whitney

    Additional lessons on Mountain Technique, foot movement, breathing and pacing etc.


This program is good for those wanting to understand the fundamentals of strength & endurance training for mountain pursuits.


  • $2400 for 3 months,
  • Payment in two installments of $1,200.

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Gain the foundations to training through a custom 3 month Program. It’s both training and education for the self starter.