TRIP REPORT: White Mountain to Boundary Peak

This was an ultralight overnight traverse from White Mountain and Boundary Peak in the White Mountains on the California/Nevada border.  It covers 30 miles. There’s 7 miles of trail on either end and 16 miles of cross country travel between each peak.  It was one of my favorite hikes of the season.  The traverse across this range was easier and more beautiful than I had anticipated.

Cowboy camping on White Mountain

Our bivvy spot for the night

I did the traverse in early June in a low snow year.  There were very few patches of snow.  The creek at our mid-point was running and provided our water resupply.

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TRIP REPORT: Nevahbe Ridge Class 2-3

This is a scramble right out of McGee Creek.  I parked the car a little before the pack station.   There is no trail, but navigation is straight forward – just go up the ridgeline. The first (and only crux) was finding a way across the creek.  We ended up wading across. The water was a little above the ankles and fast-moving. I wouldn’t want to wade across if it was any higher.

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