TRIP REPORT: Dragon Peak to Gould

3rd Class, Summit 12,995ft, mileage varies depending on route

Trail Head:

Onion Valley out of Independence CA


You have the option to make this a climb into a circle.  I chose a counterclockwise circle heading to Dragon Peak first, traversing to Gould and then dropping down to Kearsarge pass to hike back to the trail head.


To reach Dragon Peak from the east you start out on Kearsarge pass trailhead but promptly veer right onto golden trout lakes/dragon pass trailhead.  While an official trail, expect to focus on navigation at times, as you make your way to the dragon basin.  Sections have been damaged by erosion and flooding.  Once you gain the upper lakes you will be rewarded by great views.  Dragon peak and Dragon tooth are both very striking and worthy of their names.  You can read about my ascent up dragon tooth HERE.

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TRIP REPORT: Nevahbe Ridge Class 2-3

This is a scramble right out of McGee Creek.  I parked the car a little before the pack station.   There is no trail, but navigation is straight forward – just go up the ridgeline. The first (and only crux) was finding a way across the creek.  We ended up wading across. The water was a little above the ankles and fast-moving. I wouldn’t want to wade across if it was any higher.

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