The Perfect Backcountry Taco

Ultimately 2 years of trial and error and I have refined the backcountry taco into a masterpiece.  Some of the final touches included switching from corn to flour tortillas and a very unconventional use of the reactor stove.  The results- mouthwatering.

As a bonus, any leftovers immediately went into creating breakfast burritos.  These were so good I couldn’t get anyone to talk..they were too busy eating.


  • Grass-fed beef (ground or sliced): cook at home.   Season with paprika, garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper to taste
  • Tortillas: Flour stays soft and pliable, corn tends to break apart when not heated in a pan with oil
  • Onion and cilantro: Pre chopping, this is light and can fit into a tiny ziplock, a little goes a long way and packs a ton of flavor
  • Avocado: Slice into a bag so you don’t carry seed or rind
  • Salsa: Opening a can of green chilis into a plastic bag works well for the spice kick.  I dehydrated my own salsa and it rehydrated easily with water.
  • Optional
    • Cabbage to up the crunch
    • Dehydrated refried beans to create a side dish or for a vegetarian burrito option instead. 



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