My trip into the Palisades in the California Sierra involved a very BIG day of almost none stop movement.  Sometimes you plan these days out well in advance, sometimes it’s a spur of the moment trip.   As we packed, I grabbed some easy win trail snacks. 

Trail Food

This was the breakdown for 1 really long day with a short effort the following day (7-mile trail hike).  In summary:

Epic Meat Sticks 110 4 440
Almond Butter 200 1 200
Cashew Butter 210 2 420
Good Belly 220 1 220
PRO bar 230 1 230
Patagonia Fruit & Nut 120 1 120
Lara Bar 130 2 260
Fruit Press 90 3 270
Total 2160 cal


This lasted me the day with some to spare for the hike out.  However, what isn’t pictured and wasn’t budgeted for was the extra boost from some bacon shared by my partner! You know you are in the mountains with the right type of partner if they will share some of their bacon rations.   As a result, I actually had a bit too much food leftover:


Epic Meat Sticks 110 2 220
Almond Butter 200 1 200
Patagonia Fruit and Nut 120 1 120
Total 540 cal

Normally I wouldn’t have any meat sticks leftover but with the altitude some more lighter carbs and pressed fruit really hit the spot.    I’m not trying to be on the carnivore diet it’s just that salt, fat, and protein are so important for long days. 

You can read about the adventure these snacks went on HERE



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