TRIP REPORT: Treasure Peak

Climbing Treasure Peak’s Northwest Ridge was such a great half-day objective. The hiking was pleasant, the views spectacular, and the summit climb was engaging and fun.  We snuck this in during thunderstorm season, so we got a pre-dawn start.  But that wouldn’t be necessary if the weather is good. 


Difficulty: Class 2-3

Distance: 10 miles

Summit: 12,920 feet

Trailhead: Mosquito Flats out of Rock Creek



Start at the Mosquito Flats trailhead. Turn right to take the trail to Ruby Lake.  Once at Ruby Lake turn left and traverse the southeast side of the lake and continue on to Mills Lake.  This particular section is one of my absolute favorites.  The creek is fanned out over many cobblestones and gentle cascades down the incline.  Wrap around the upper meadow and lakes while enjoying the view of Petite Griffon.  At the back side of Mills Lake you can see your objective: Treasure peak.  Work to gain the north arm of the peak low down, before it becomes more technical.  Once you are on this arm you will follow the ridge and eventually to the top of the peak.



If you gained the ridge before the deep north notch, you will be treated to a little extra scrambling up and then back down.  From the north notch traverse some ramps on the west side until you can regain the ridge proper.  Follow the ridge to the top.  This is mostly 2nd and 3rd class movements but the exposure will make it feel like more.  So fun!   You are on a beautifully sculpted peak inset below touring giants: Bear Creek Spire, Mt. Abbott, Mt. Dade, Petite Griffon are all in view.  It’s spectacular.




Return the way you came.  If you want to drop down west, I suggest doing so a bit after the north notch.  Another enticing option would be to traverse to the south treasure peak.  This is very exposed 3rd and 4th class.




Good approach shoes is all you need for this one!


You can check out my video synopsis to see just how beautiful this hike and final summit climb is.  I need to say a special thanks to all my climbing partners that put up with my impromptu videoing.  This time the camera got turned back at me and caught me off guard ☺


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