TRIP REPORT: Red and White Mountain

Northeast Ridge, class III

This is just a quick trip report on Red and White Mountain.  It’s located way back in the McGee Creek drainage.  While this peak can totally be done in a day it was very pleasant to have a base camp.

At just class III this route did not need any extra gear which was great.  You can approach from little McGee lake and then follow the north ridge which is fun and exposed (class 2) until the final summit.  The class 3 on the push to the summit was more vertical and fuller of lose rock.  This entire mountain lacks that classic good quality sierra granite. The lack of granite is also what makes the mountain such stunning colors.  We descended off the summit rocks and into a chute headed south and back to McGee lake.  The loose scree made for a quick return.


I think this is a great peak-bagging option for many people with a basic bit of climbing experience.


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