This course offers First Aid and CPR training for when access to medical care is delayed. It is well suited for individuals who tend to work or play in semi-remote backcountry settings. Learn how to identify common backcountry problems as serious vs not serious. Additionally, gain the confidence to make decisions and take action to help yourself and others in an emergency.

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Wilderness First Aid Courses in California

Properly clean and care for wounds
Learn how to deliver epinephrine to someone in anaphylactic shock

General Concepts
Medical Concepts
Certification Included
Who Typically Takes the WFA


WFA—Wilderness First Aid

California WFA Trainings


ONLINE RESOURCES ~optional 8 hours

This WFA course is designed for 2 comprehensive days of instruction in person.

Students have the option to enhance comprehension by exploring our online course resources. Many students find this better prepares them for hands-on practice during the class.


The WFA includes a broad range of introductory medical skills and topics, including patient assessment, CPR, AED, and basic life support skills.

This will include group demonstrations, skills clinics, and a lot of role-playing. Students will practice patient care on live ‘patients’ in realistic drills and simulations.

Great for Sierra Club, Scout Leaders, summer camp counselors, and those who enjoy camping.

Field Services WFA (3 days)

WFA- Field Service


ONLINE RESOURCES ~ optional 8 hours

This WFA course is for industrial, technical, and field support staff in remote areas. The core medical components of a basic WFA will be covered with additional emphasis on cardiac and spine-related medical problems.

In addition, this course will spend time addressing the location, equipment, and field-specific challenges of the group.

The core medical knowledge of a WFA with group-specific field topics and electives

Additional electives may include: Altitude, Scuba, Cold Injuries, Specific Toxins & Envenomations (other options by request)

Students have the option to enhance comprehension by exploring our online course resources. Many students find this better prepares them for the hands-on practice during the class.

Great for Forestry, Mining, Oil Fields, Field Researchers, and Government Technicians doing fieldwork


"Natalie is an inspiration. She is very knowledgeable, including extensive Search and Rescue experience, best instructor I've ever had, and has a delightful personality!"


"...thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing me the kind of person I can be and empowering me in every way to help others in need. The WFR course alone has opened so many doors for me and I know that I will carry this for the rest of my life."


"I thought I had seen the best, but N.B. is right up there and earlier in her career. Top echelon of outdoor professionals. This is clearly in her blood!"


"It is because of the lessons that you taught me that I saved a life today. I can never thank you enough for passing down the knowledge that I did not think I would ever have to use. I may have responded but you are the true hero Natalie. Thank you."


"I felt insanely confident when evaluating her injuries and creating a communication/evacuation plan.. So happy to have had your amazing instruction and would take the class again in a heartbeat."

Kyle S

The class was challenging. Patient engagements often hard. And I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn by doing; the drills are so valuable and essential. I'm a much better prepared WFR for it

Bill Voight

Natalie blew me away with her knowledge, passion, and excellent teaching skills. Throughout her WFR Recertification class, I felt challenged, supported, and empowered. A great teacher, making greater guides.


Your passion for wilderness education was evident ... and immediately attracted me to your offerings. Your instruction style was direct, corrective, repetitive, when necessary, and the entire time I could still feel the love you have for the curriculum and the desire to send us onward as stewards of your studio...I was grateful for every piece of instruction.

Aaron R

Natalie’s Credentials

Natalie is a Corporate & Lead Instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA) and the American Heart Association (AHA). As a seasoned outdoor educator, medic and guide, she has experienced first hand the power of the life saving skills taught through WMA. Natalie brings an incredible depth of experience and knowledge along with an unparalleled passion for teaching.

Medical Certifications:

CA EMT, National Registered EMT, Wilderness First Responder (WMA),Basic Life Support (AHA)

Emergency Response:

Current work includes US Antarctic Program Joint SAR team, Previous Yosemite SAR team member, Inyo County SAR, ambulance work, field and set medic for film industry, hypothermia & survival consulting expert for Film industry

Education Outdoor:

Guiding and teaching clinics since 2002, 7 years managing UC Santa Barbara Outdoor Program & Ropes Course, WMA instructor since 2016, curriculum development for WMA since 2019

Outdoor Industry:

Along with the above qualifications she has worked as a NPS Park Ranger, Alpine Guide in Sierra Nevada & Cascades, and currently work Field Safety for the US Antarctic Program

Natalie has certified 1,000’s of students, join her for a course- you won t regret it!

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