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Everyone should be empowered with skills and confidence to take charge of medical emergencies. Gut-Z Journey is a licensed provider for Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA) and American Heart Association (AHA). Keep reading to learn more about our Wilderness Medicine Courses.

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What Is Wilderness Medicine Training?

These courses help you learn medical skills, practice critical thinking and gain the confidence to handle an unexpected emergency in the backcountry. Imagine how great it feels to calmly and clearly decide if your friend’s injury is serious or not? Whether they can stay in the backcountry or not, and if you need to call for more help?

You will be empowered with the knowledge you need to avoid high-risk solutions for low-risk problems. At Gut-Z Journey, we teach you the ‘why’ behind decision-making in the field. The skills you’ll gain from our courses will therefore be incredibly practical and long-lasting.

We’ve moved away from memorization or cookie cutter (flow chart based) decision making, and put you in the driver seat. During the course, you will gain a strong foundation of emergency medicine, along with practical concepts like:

  • Serious or not serious?
  • Stable vs. unstable?
  • Risk probability vs. consequence?

Understanding the ‘why’ allows you to transfer your knowledge
and rationally think through new and varied situations.

How You Learn Wilderness Medicine with Gut-Z

Gut-Z journey helps break down big and intimidating topics in wilderness medicine into simple, clear and practical chunks. We are medical providers AND educators at heart. You can expect an experience focused on delivering information in various formats for different learning preferences.

Each course is geared towards building a foundation of practical and simple medical skills. You will have access to online tools, books and other valuable learning materials to support your knowledge. Just as important as learning wilderness medicine is learning to respond in an actual emergency. So all courses are built around hands-on practice. You’ll go through a variety of drills, with increasing complexity, with medical simulations that make you apply the learning. This is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to learn and gain confidence.

Hands-on practice through life-like drills is a core component to wilderness medical training, and a part of what makes these courses so unique- and fun!

Along with the wilderness medical skills training, each course provides you with a CPR, and CA injection of epinephrine training.

Those who successfully complete their course will receive a WFR certification valid for 3 years.

The depth of knowledge and time requirements for each course vary. You can learn more about each certification and applications below. This will help you pick a course that best suits your personal and professional needs.

WFR—Wilderness First Responder

Current WFR Courses & Info Here

Wilderness Protocols
Learn how to reduce certain dislocations
Be able to assess someone for a spine injury
Properly clean and care for wounds
When to start and stop CPR in a wilderness context
Learn how to deliver epinephrine to someone in anaphylactic shock
Deliver of epinephrine for severe asthma attacks

General Concepts
Additional Medical Concepts
Certification Included
Who Typically Takes the WFR Course

WFR Recertification

The recert is as you’d expect—it renews your certification for the full WFR
as detailed above.

Current WFR Recertification Courses Here

WFA—Wilderness First Aid

Current WFA Courses & Info

Properly clean and care for wounds
Learn how to deliver epinephrine to someone in anaphylactic shock

General Concepts
Medical Concepts
Certification Included
Who Typically Takes the WFA


"Natalie is an inspiration. She is very knowledgeable, including extensive Search and Rescue experience, best instructor I've ever had, and has a delightful personality!"


"...thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing me the kind of person I can be and empowering me in every way to help others in need. The WFR course alone has opened so many doors for me and I know that I will carry this for the rest of my life."


"I thought I had seen the best, but N.B. is right up there and earlier in her career. Top echelon of outdoor professionals. This is clearly in her blood!"


"It is because of the lessons that you taught me that I saved a life today. I can never thank you enough for passing down the knowledge that I did not think I would ever have to use. I may have responded but you are the true hero Natalie. Thank you."


"I felt insanely confident when evaluating her injuries and creating a communication/evacuation plan.. So happy to have had your amazing instruction and would take the class again in a heartbeat."

Kyle S

The class was challenging. Patient engagements often hard. And I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn by doing; the drills are so valuable and essential. I'm a much better prepared WFR for it

Bill Voight

Natalie’s Credentials

Natalie is a Corporate & Lead Instructor for Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMA) and the American Heart Association (AHA). As a seasoned outdoor educator, medic and guide, she has experienced first hand the power of the life saving skills taught through WMA. Natalie brings an incredible depth of experience and knowledge along with an unparalleled passion for teaching.

Medical Certifications:

CA EMT, National Registered EMT, Wilderness First Responder (WMA),Basic Life Support (AHA)

Emergency Response:

Current work includes US Antarctic Program Joint SAR team, Previous Yosemite SAR team member, Inyo County SAR, ambulance work, field and set medic for film industry, hypothermia & survival consulting expert for Film industry

Education Outdoor:

Guiding and teaching clinics since 2002, 7 years managing UC Santa Barbara Outdoor Program & Ropes Course, WMA instructor since 2016, curriculum development for WMA since 2019

Outdoor Industry:

Along with the above qualifications she has worked as a NPS Park Ranger, Alpine Guide in Sierra Nevada & Cascades, and currently work Field Safety for the US Antarctic Program

Natalie has certified 1,000’s of students, join her for a course- you won t regret it!

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