Gut-Z Reset – A Health Challenge for the Active


Learn The answers to common questions:

“Are fats actually good for me?”

“Do I need more protein?”

“Is intermittent fasting right for me?”

“What is causing my upset stomach?”

“How do I recover faster?”


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Feb 1-16, 2024

I’ve created the Gut-Z Reset Course for active folk boost performance through improved nutrition and digestion. This course personalizes the Gut-Z Challenge & provides you with the support you need to thrive. You can expect the course to:

  • Improving gut health and the microbiome
  • Clarify food intolerances
  • Optimize your nutrition & digestion
  • Get more stable energy on the trail
  • Understand hydration
  • Improve recovery
  • Define fad diets (keto, paleo, fasting, etc)


The course will provide you with videos, educational materials and email support. This experience will dovetail into the free 2 weeks Gut-Z Challenge.  You will be able to implement it as you learn.  It will be one of the most insightful and efficient health boost you take on this year.


Don’t miss out!.